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  • ✅ BUTTERY SOFT JUMPSUITS: Skirts are great, but these pant rompers are so versatile that this simple outfit can be worn almost anywhere. Casual encounters, school worthy, summer, fall, or winter, this comfortable suit is any child's go-to. Little women and big girls will love the way it feels!

  • ✅ PREMIUM MODAL FABRIC: Popinay jumpers are elegant and made of 95% Modal (similar, but better than Rayon) and 5% Spandex. Because of the spandex, the fabric is stretchy and flowy and accommodates many body shape and sizes, even plus size. The weight of the materials drape and swing like a dress or skirt but doesn't touch the ground like maxi dresses.

  • ✅ HIGH WAISTED JUMPER: The higher waist sew line complements any girl body type. It also allows room for side seam pockets. Girls like a pocket for their treasures! The intended crop makes sizing flexible. The legs are wide, the sleeves are snug, the shirt top portion is fitted over the shoulder, no need for a belt. You can always size up for more length on taller tween or teens.

  • ✅ SIMPLY GOOD FASHION: When they are sick of jeans, leggings, and sequins, pull this pennie jumper on and love the way they look. Formal or casual, kids can wear these anywhere. Breathable, but warm enough in the cold weather. With a hint of Boho, a trendy high waist, and a splash of boutique pantsuit will make your little darling glow.

  • ✅ ONE PIECE OUTFITS: Make getting dressed easy and get down to business. Don't worry about shirts, belts, buttons, or pants. The solid colors can go with most shoes and are great as a multi season choice. Mom approved, modest, yet flattering. Your kids will love these pretty clothes!

  • POPINJAY Girls Romper Jumper - Best Long Pants Jumpsuit with Side Pockets